3 Reasons Businesses are Choosing Managed IT

Scott Verbus Uncategorized


  1. Access to the Latest Technology

Many times, businesses have over-burdened IT personnel with workers who might lack the skills and training needed for particular jobs or can not deal with all of the organization’s network by themselves. As a result, these businesses understand the value of working with the external technical support staff.  Purchasing the services business model simplifies existing labour limitations and prevents internal IT departments from constantly having to perform catch-up. By working using a Managed Service Provider (MSP), a company can obtain access to business-grade technologies, such as remote monitoring, cloud computing, and disaster recovery.  They can leverage tools which help boost the reliability of the IT infrastructure and receive a virtual CIO (vCIO). The function of a vCIO is vital to company in 2019 since it assists in managing and understanding the evolving technology arena –enabling your customers to plan for long term targets and scale their organization.


  1. Maximum Cost Savings

Among the biggest company values of managed services is higher cost savings.  IT budgets include numerous things: hardware costs, software and network infrastructure expenses and maintenance expenses, to mention a couple.  Additionally, the price of staffing is important for any company, but particularly for small or medium sized businesses, who rely on managed service providers. Some businesses need to decrease IT overhead by reducing staff. Or maybe the business does not have any dedicated IT staff, and workers are forced to perform specialized tasks which are out of their core area of knowledge, slowing down productivity and preventing the company from having the ability to grow.  Together with the managed services business model, clients can more readily predict their IT prices on monthly basis.

The ROI of managed solutions for businesses can be shown easily by describing how managed IT frees up their team’s time, letting them focus those energy on those core competencies, raising overall productivity.   


  1. Data Security

Security has become a staggering dilemma for all companies.  Laptops, smartphones, computers, applications, tablet computers, servers, operating systems, browsers, wearable technologies and the like all store and transmit information and thus require the strictest security measures.  No business wants to be the next headline in a high-profile statistics breach or data loss episode . It’s so overwhelming that most businesses would prefer to subcontract the work according to Microsoft Store’s Small Business Insights Survey.

All of this makes maintaining HIPAA and PCI standards compliance critical to businesses, especially those processing transactions on the web. Managed IT is the solution that handles this challenge for businesses by ensuring compliance and using additional managed security protocols, policies, and procedures.