Is It Worth It? 5 Benefits of SharePoint for Small Businesses

Scott Verbus Uncategorized

Before the internet, speaking with a coworker meant walking over to their desk. And the only way to get a company update was to attend a meeting or read a memo.

Now, businesses use Slack, email, or Google Chat for office communication.

With so many messaging platforms, it’s easy for information to slip through the cracks. An employee could miss a meeting because they checked Slack instead of their email.

Luckily, SharePoint can streamline communication at your small business. Read on to learn about all the benefits of SharePoint.

1. Better Communication with Staff

Within SharePoint, you can create communication sites. These sites help you share company updates and information with your employees. You can also create a separate site for each team and department in your business.

These internal network sites are a better alternative to email. Your employees can stay up to date at a glance instead of searching in their inbox.

Communication sites are also great for training new employees. Simply give them access to the site and they can get up to speed on the company.

2. Your Business’s Data Will Be Secure

In 2016, 61% of cyber attacks affected small businesses. A security breach can lead to lost clients and revenue.

SharePoint is HIPPA compliant which means it has built-in security and privacy features. Instead of using one platform for communication and another for file sharing, it’s better to use one platform for everything. Keeping your information on one platform can lower the risk of security issues.

3. Collaboration Will Be Easier

Teamwork and collaboration is more streamlined because SharePoint makes file sharing much easier. Before, if multiple employees worked on a document together there could be several versions of the same file.

All team members can have access to documents and projects so files can be updated in real time. Since your employees won’t get frustrated by tech issues, they can focus on teamwork. Plus, SharePoint data can be accessed from any computer.

4. Reap the Benefits of SharePoint, No Matter Your Budget

Whether you have 5 employees or 75, there is a SharePoint package for your business. You can either host data on local servers (SharePoint On-Premise) or use the cloud-based system (SharePoint Online).

With SharePoint Online, you’ll pay a monthly licensing fee for each user. The SharePoint On-Premise server option will require help from an IT expert, but it is a better choice if you have a lot of sensitive data.

SharePoint software can adapt with you as your business needs change.

5. Make Better Business Decisions

Up to 73% of business data goes unanalyzed. That’s a lot of missed opportunities. You could be using that data to learn how to make your business more efficient.

Within SharePoint, you can create a Business Intelligence Center site. The BI center helps you organize reports, scorecards, spreadsheets, and more. It will be easier to analyze your business data when it’s all in one place.

Add SharePoint to Your Business Today

SharePoint is a great tool to help your small business run better. Improved communication and better teamwork are just a few of the benefits of SharePoint.

If you’re interested in using SharePoint at your business, contact us today. Our expert IT staff can get SharePoint up and running and help you meet your business goals.