Managed IT Services or Break-Fix?

Scott Verbus Uncategorized

Managed IT Services is a program where the IT services company takes the role of your “IT department” and not only installs and supports all the devices and PCs that connect to your server(s), but also offers phone and on-site support, antivirus, security, backup and disaster recovery and a host of other services to monitor and maintain the speed, performance and security of your computer network.

Break-Fix services are re-active and are used when a problem arises.  Essentially you pay an agreed-upon hourly rate for a technician to “fix” your problem when something “breaks.” The scope of work may be simply to resolve a specific problem (like removing a virus), or it may encompass a large project like a computer network upgrade or move that has a specific result and end date clarified.

Which option is better? You’ve probably heard the famous Benjamin Franklin quote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We couldn’t agree more – and that’s why we recommend the managed IT approach. It is the most cost-effective, smartest option for any business. The only situation where we would recommend a break-fix approach is when you already have a competent IT person or team proactively managing your computer network and simply have a specific IT project to complete that your current in-house IT team doesn’t have the time or expertise to implement (such as a network upgrade, installing a backup solution, etc.). Outside of that specific scenario, the break-fix approach is not a very good idea for general IT support for one very important, fundamental reason: you’ll ultimately end up paying for a pound of “cure” for problems that could have easily been avoided with an “ounce” of prevention.

If you would like to know how Managed IT Services can benefit your business and give you peace of mind, contact Linear IT for an assessment.