The Pros and Cons of VoIP Phone Solutions

Scott Verbus Uncategorized

You could already be convinced by the economies of scale, greater convenience and other benefits of VoIP, though one characteristic may still be nagging you. Traditional landlines are usually still thought of as the most dependable, less likely to drop calls.  With tales about hacking of all sorts on the internet, spying activities by governments and businesses, and other malicious acts plaguing the world wide web, you’re also right to be worried about the secureness of VoIP. Fortunately VoIP technology has evolved immensely in the past few years, making VoIP far more secure and reliable.


The biggest pro of VoIP systems is cost efficiency.  Most plans include unlimited free calling in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.  And usually customers of the same VoIP company with the same system can enjoy free calls.

Another huge benefit is portability.  Despite the fact that you can use your system with present or recently purchased desk telephones, a VoIP service may be accessed anytime from anywhere, provided have internet connectivity.  This means that you may place/receive calls from your mobile device (using the telephone number of your system), and with cloud computing, from your computer also.

And let’s not forget that many VoIP companies provide lots of features with your system — a few of which you can get with traditional phone systems but only for a steep price.  


Regrettably, VoIP has some disadvantages too.  To prevent the most common problems, make sure you have a strong , reliable internet connection, otherwise you’ll have constant issues with voice quality and dropped calls.  One thing that can’t be prevented is latency (one-two minutes of silence during calls). Since web and phone use the same cables, they share the bandwidth, and that high volume can sometimes impact call quality.   And just like any other internet-based device, VoIP phone systems are capable of being hacked.

However, if you opt for a dependable VoIP provider and take recommended precautions, all the aforementioned problems can easily be prevented and you’ll be able to leverage the benefits of VoIP service for your business.