Top 5 Business Benefits of a Cloud Phone System

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Phone companies lose an estimated 700,000 customers every other month. So where do they go or which alternative do they adopt?

The cloud phone. Its use has grown exponentially and is now the primary telephone choice of a majority of US businesses.

This is only sensible when you consider the perks that a cloud hosted system brings to the table. Read on to find out about five of these benefits.

1. A Boost on Customer Interaction

Despite of all the available channels for customer support, the phone is still an important part of the whole process. A cloud hosted system adds better functionality ensuring your customers get the best service there is.

Integrating with other systems pivotal to addressing customers’ needs like the CRM is easier. That way you can gain a clear insight into the demands of your customers. Using this information, you’ll be in a better position to make sound decisions as far as your processes are concerned.

2.  A Cloud Phone is Easy to Use

The traditional phone system is sort of complicated in a way. Some very basic changes will need the involvement of the IT department due the technical nature.

But not cloud phones.

An authorized member of your team can perform the required configurations with ease. So the business operations won’t have to stall just because the IT guys are too busy to make the needed fixes.

3. Costs Less

A cloud phone system for business, the only costs you’ll incur at the very basic level are for hosting and bandwidth. Of course, there is a possibility of other add-ons as per your preferences and the overall costs will obviously vary according to your choice of a phone system.

But all these come at a significantly reduced price than the usual phone system. There is no expensive hardware to purchase and install. Also, there isn’t the high recurring maintenance dollar amount.

4. Easily Scalable

Your business is always evolving. This means your needs will constantly be changing.

With cloud phones, it’s easy to adjust to these changes as you move along; especially in the case where you need to add new users. All the hassle of procuring additional hardware is completely removed from the equation. Additionally, you won’t need your IT team to spend hours doing configurations.

Everything is taken care of by the hosting company. Yours is just to use the end product to skyrocket your business.

5. One Less Task for Your IT Team

As mentioned above, a good deal of tweaking and managing cloud phone systems is handled by a carrier, off-site.

That means the absence of tidbits like servers and any other related hardware for your IT team to set up and spend hours every week managing – that’s one less task for them. This frees up their time to work out solutions for more pressing problems in your business.

Grab a Cloud Phone Today

A cloud phone is no longer a fancy addition; it’s more of a necessity. That is considering all the niceties that come with it and their positive impact to your business. Thinking of having one?

Request a call with our professional IT staff to find the right solution for your business today.