IT Consultant

An IT consultant is someone who can help you determine how best to use information technology for your business. Considering the role that IT plays in the modern marketplace, this makes them incredibly important to the success of your business. You need to know who you’re working with.

1. Using an IT Company

Instead of trusting a friend referral or an individual on the internet, you might consider using an IT company. Managed IT solutions can range from small business consulting to computer repair.

2. Specific Field Experience

A great question to ask is “Do you have experience in my field?”. This is because not all IT solutions work in every environment, and field-specific knowledge can go a long way. Just understanding technology is not enough.

3. How Important is Communication

You will want to know how they intend to communicate with you, and how often. If you need a lot of assistance, you’ll want someone who is either there in person, or who is ready to respond to any questions you may have in a timely fashion.

4. What Kind of Expertise

Not all IT professionals can be successful consultants. Instead of just understanding the technology, you need a consultant that understands how the processes and technology are layered and what strategies you can use to help your business. They should have education or experience to back up their knowledge.

5. The Consultants Role

You need to determine and make clear the role the IT consultant will play. Do you want a full-time employee around or an emergency contact? Do you have specific technologies that you require assistance with?

6. Understanding Your Scale

A key understanding is the size and scale of your business. You want an IT consultant that understands where you are in your business growth and how best to help you in the here and now.

7. Test Their Jargon

IT professionals can throw a lot of jargon at you, words that mean very little if you’re not active in the IT field. Make sure your consultant can speak plainly and break down the concepts that matter the most.

8. Reviews From Others

Before you make any decision about who will be your IT consultant, make sure that you have reviews of the work they’ve done before. This can weed out a lot of pretenders and those who are unprepared to deliver the quality service you need.

IT And Your Business

The world continues to move forward, technology is only increasing its hold over everyday commerce. Having an IT consultant you can trust is paramount to getting ahead of the curve and your competitors. If you’re in the central Ohio area, get your IT solutions from a trusted professional service, let Linear 1 Solutions help you.